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Handmade soaps

We make luxurious natural handmade soaps with organic Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter. We love to be artistic and design our soaps so that each soap is unique and has its own story.

Nature's essence Scented Candles

Handpoured with love,

these aroma candles are made for holistic therapeutic care for providing well-being to the body, mind, spirit, and environment.


body butter

& Body Scrubs

Our recipes of various body butter & scrubs​ have our special blends of infused oils of different types of herbs, botanicals, and Oleoresins in it along with enriched organic raw Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Mango Butter.

Naturally Simple

Few reviews & feedback from our adorable customers.

“you put in a lot of love and effort into making your products and it shows. I love the fragrance of the vanilla and lavender tea lights jars too. Especially the vanilla, my entire home has the fragrance of cookies and cakes😍.”

Swapna, Mumbai

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