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Top 5 Benefits of Body Mousse on the skin.

Updated: Feb 22

There are different types of body care products like body butters or body lotions that have skin-loving properties. So let’s understand what is a body mousse and what are its benefits of it on the skin.

What is a Body Mousse?

It is a mix of both Body Butter and Body Cream. The texture is almost like that of a soufflé or a tiramisu chocolate mousse from Theobroma.

Coming back to our question, Body Mousse is an emulsified body butter. The word emulsified suggests that there is water in the formulation.

The ratio of butters, oils, & water in the formulation is what makes the difference to get the texture of a mousse. It’s like baking with the same ingredients but getting different results like frosting, cream or mousse with a different consistency.

Body lotions are lighter and contain more water-to-oil ratio. Body creams are heavier and contain more oil-to-water ratio.

Body mousses are also rich and thick that not only contain oils but also heavy butters like Shea, Cocoa or Mango as well. The creamier the product, the longer-lasting the moisturizing effects.

Body butter products contain ingredients like shea butter and are thicker than creams, but they can feel heavy sitting on your skin. The texture of A body mousse is a combination of body lotions and body butter and leaves the skin healthy.

What are the 5 main benefits of applying Body Mousse?