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“you put in a lot of love and effort into making your products and it shows. I love the fragrance of the vanilla and lavender tea lights jars too. Especially the vanilla, my entire home has the fragrance of cookies and cakes😍.”

Swapna, Ex-Jet Hostie

I loved the spiced vanilla body butter....can't wait to use the chocolate one! Simply awesome....

VareemaEnv Nanotechnologist

I received the box & it was already smelling so amazing with all the lemony goodness.

And really loved your ecofriendly packaging.

Shweta, JNU Student

Good quality products. Effective on skin.

Tanvi, Stylist & Photographer

This is such an amazing's natural and I use this beautiful product for my 3 years young kid also its really safe. The fragrance, packaging, texture of products are amazing and mainly it's a handmade product so no chemical usages. I am very much happy with this products and using this since a a couple of years. Highly recommended 👍❤️👍

Neha, HR Manager

Loved the product very much. Can’t get over Mad mint body butter! ❤️ It’s my favourite! Great going!

Sujanitha, IIFT Student

Each n every product of surprise elements is purely organic. The ingredients r totally skin-friendly. The fragrances are out of the world. I have used soaps, scrubs, body butter, candles. Totally loved them. Highly recommended.

Aabha Mishra, Math Teacher

I've got two body butter flavours from them( Spicy Vanilla and Mad Mint)
I love the smell of vanilla, the kind of fragrance this butter leaves on your skin is something you can't miss out on. Makes your skin feels soft and moisturised.
The mad mint flavour is very refreshing too.
Would definitely recommend to get these products and also excited to try out more from them.
Thanks for these amazing products 😁

Sanjana Annu, College Student

Helped to get my partner off the alcohol perfumes that I am sensitive to, with the Spicy Vanilla body butter!
The Lazy Lavender body butter works beautifully to help me enter a relaxed state to take on a full day.
Lastly, the glisten candle is amazing. The perfect ambience setter + massage oil or moisturiser.
Great for gifting, you are sure to be surprised :)

Radhi De, Graphic Designer

It all started with the spicy vanilla body butter. What fragrance and how !!! Every time I use it even now I have people ask me what is this product.
I cannot thank you for creating such amazing products. Every product is a delight. The texture, the aroma, the way it works on your skin with regular use. Fab !!!! The scrubs are magic. ( I wish your products where edible.. haha... They can be so tempting)
Thank you Surprise Elements for making such skin-friendly products and so natural !! Love them and cannot wait to try the new range.
Kudos to you guys! Keep shining 🌟

Parina Parekh, Media Expert

Started off with the Lavender Body Butter and can't get enough of it! The aroma, the feel and the hint of tree tea oil make me want to wear it all the time! Since it's organic it suits my 3-year-old toddler too! I'm usually cautious when it comes to trying a new brand, especially skincare, but this suited me perfectly and the coconut oil base keeps my skin hydrated and happy! Thank you for a wonderful surprise for my skin and the delicate texture for my daughter❤️ my new favourite is the mint lip balm!

Samruddhi Karkare, Content Creator