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How to use a Shampoo Bar???

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

A solid shampoo bar is the best sustainable Plastic-Free alternative to any liquid shampoo.

One shampoo bar is 70% more concentrated than a liquid shampoo bottle so a little goes a long way. 60g shampoo bar is equal to a 200 ml liquid shampoo bottle that gets used in a month. But a shampoo bar can last for months. Read further if you want to know how..?

Shampoo bars are available for all hair types from Dry to treated to Itchy to Oily hair. They are packed with hair-loving ingredients and natural surfactants that lather up and clean the scalp and is harmless down the drain into the soil.

If kept properly one shampoo bar can give between 60-80 washes.

If you are a person who does hairwash once a week with 2 washes per hair wash you will be down with 8 washes in 1 month. The bar can last for more than 5 months. Let's see how it works.

8 washes = 1 Month = 1 Bottle
16 washes = 2 months = 2 Bottles
24 washes = 3 months = 3 bottles
32 washes = 4 months = 4 bottles
40 washes = 5 months = 5 bottles
..... and so on.
Cost-effective, right???

Even if you wash your hair twice a week still the bar will last you for 3-4 months if you take care of the bar properly.

Now that we have done the math. Lets read further on how to take care of a shampoo bar.

Step 1: Wet your hair thoroughly and wet the shampoo bar and make it warm before running through the hair. You can rub the shampoo bar on your palms and then spread it on the wet hair. You can also rub the bar in the direction of the hair. Add water whenever needed for a smoother application at each stroke.

Step 2: Add water and lather up, massage your scalp for a minute with your fingertips (don't scratch with fingernails.) Don't keep rubbing the bar for lather. Rub the bar and add water to get happy desired suds.

Remember a little goes a long way, a shampoo bars are 70% more loaded with natural surfactants and other hair loving ingredients than liquid shampoos.

Step 3: Once you are happy with your suds. Rinse thoroughly and make sure nothing is left in the hair or on the scalp.

Step 4: Use a condition bar for the last touch, only on the shaft of the hair. Or a leave-on conditioner. Whatever works better for you.

Step 4: Dry your shampoo bar on a towel after the hair wash to let it dry quickly in between washes.

Step 5: Place it in a reusable tin can if you have or a soap dish to keep the moisture away.

Step 6: Once you reach the end of the shampoo bar, it will crumble or break in between while running through the hair. Make a ball out of it so it can dry out properly and not become sluggish.

Step 7: Even if it becomes sluggish you can still use it like a paste. Pinch a little paste and rub it on your hair and lather. A little goes a long way, remember.

A shampoo bar is better at everything than liquid shampoo but the best part is you can use it till the last speck and not waste anything.

Shampoo Bar can get a little tedious to work with initially than liquid shampoos but it is definitely worth it.!

Hope this blog helps you make your switch to shampoo bars and ditch the shampoo bottles.

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