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Shampoo Bar v/s Shampoo Bottles

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Did you know that shampooing hair started long before even shampoo bars & shampoo bottles come into the picture?

From our favorite Shikakai & Reetha decoction to dry shampoo powder to liquid shampoo, everything was there in the market decades ago. A few of those market segments couldn’t cope with the packaging cost as it was mostly glass & metal at that time but shampoo bars continued because it was cheaper to produce. But in the early 1900s after the invention of plastic, the economy saw a huge fluctuation in terms of demand & supply of all kinds of goods.

It was fine then, to choose a plastic shampoo bottle because it was cheap, but we need to see & realize that in just some 100 + years humans went berserk and have lost it in terms of plastic consumption.

Well, this is not a climate change post. So, let’s come back to our baby step towards sustainable living. Without further ado, let’s learn what is better Shampoo Bars or Shampoo Bottles?

What is the difference between a Shampoo Bar & Liquid Shampoo in a bottle?

Process: Shampoo Bar is a solid form of shampoo that is gentle both on your hair & scalp. Apart from squeezing a bottle and rubbing the bar on your palm or head, the shampooing process is quite similar, you must wet the shampoo bar, lather and rub it on your hair till it lathers. Massage your scalp and rinse.

Efficient: It takes time for your scalp to get used to the transition from synthetic shampoo. But believe me, it is worth it. Your scalp will get oily or sticky for a week or months but rest assured, it is just a transitional phase. The scalp takes time to produce oil naturally because synthetic shampoo has damaged the oils glands. Shampoo Bar being gentle, helps the glands to restore the cycle of oil secretion, hence oily & sticky hair in the beginning. Give your scalp the time to repair itself.

Advantages: Shampoo Bars are cost-effective - one single shampoo bar will give you approx. 70-80 wash that is more than one shampoo bottle.

Shampoo Bars are perfect for travelling, not to worry about leakage and not passing through the security check-in while boarding a flight because of the liquid content.

Fun Fact: Liquid shampoo consists of 70-80% water content. Shampoo bar doesn't contain any water in it and is fully concentrated (with natural surfactants and natural additives) therefore lasts longer than a bottle of shampoo.

Shampoo Bar wins when it comes to being an eco-friendly biodegradable product than a synthetic shampoo. Unlike Shampoo bottles floating in the ocean, there is no trace of the bar or its packaging after it is over. It was ok to choose plastic bottles in the 19th century but, now we need to be more aware and be responsible of our choices for our next gen.

The fact that Shampoo bars are made with all-natural ingredients and sulphates free keeps not only our skin is healthy and not irritated with chemicals but also it keeps our surroundings clean and healthy. It is gentle on mother nature as well.

Plastic came into existence to help people at one time, and it certainly did, as poor people got a chance to live a better life maintaining their standard of living at that time. The problem is we over-consume it and forget the repercussions that the animal kingdom is facing and going to face in the future. We need to be aware of our choices we make in our daily routine and try to a make changes wherever possible.

So, to conclude our topic Shampoo Bar is anytime better in comparison to the liquid shampoo bottle to lead a sustainable life. Don’t give up if you still haven’t found your shampoo bar. Keep Looking. :)



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