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DOES SIZE MATTER…???-Salt Body Scrub V/S Sugar Body Scrub

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

If you are ready to experiment this weekend and pamper yourself instead of spending on a rejuvenating spa then just go to your kitchen and grab some of the ingredients to find out what is the difference between a Salt Body Scrub & Sugar Body Scrub or buy online.

Although, both the body scrubs have similar effects and benefits on the skin, the only difference is the sheer size of the salt & sugar particles.

You are likely to see the beauty aisle full of both sugar & salt scrubs at your nearest shopping centers. Instead of buying manufactured products that contain harmful chemicals, you should go for handmade products that are easily available at the market or online. Here’s why? Some handmade product’s ingredients make them sound so deliciously gourmet, but request you to resist eating it. It is damn difficult for me to resist these yummy concoctions. Suddenly, I was piqued by this topic that if both salt & sugar body scrubs do the same job of exfoliating and rejuvenating then what is the difference between the two scrubs?

News Flash: Size Does Matter

The only difference between Salt Body Scrub & Sugar Body Scrub is the size of the exfoliating granule. Salt granules are coarse and Sugar granules are smooth. That’s all. Usually, Salt Scrubs are more abrasive because of the coarse granules. You will find different grades of granules in the market to suit your choice.

According to our ancient beauty secrets, Cleopatra exfoliated her beautiful skin with Dead Sea Salt & Olive Oil to keep it moisturized. Salt Scrub is mostly used for buffing the most calloused area or part of the body. It helps exfoliate mainly the elbow, knee, ankle, and feet depending on the coarseness of the scrub. You can use it on dry and rough skin for a stimulating glow. Salt has lots of healing and antiseptic properties that help reduce inflammation and maintain bacteria free skin. But avoid putting it on the face, as it can get a little harsh on the sensitive skin.