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Why do People Prefer Handmade Soaps over Manufactured Soaps?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Detox time? You’ll have to do more than just watch what you eat. While eating right is a key component, many people don’t realize that cleansing the entire body begins on the outside – with your skin.

Rocky Ocean - This soap was customized for 2 swimming couple.

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As the human body’s largest and only exterior organ, your skin comes into contact with pollutants on the daily. On top of the dirt and bacteria it touches, skin also absorbs any chemicals in the soaps you use to wash yourself.

The verdict: maybe commercial soaps aren’t so clean after all?

Let’s find out in our showdown of natural soap v/s commercial soap.


It’s important to be educated about harmful ingredients prior to purchasing soap products. You want to refresh your skin, not pollute it with chemicals. If you can’t pronounce the words on the back of the label – put the product down!


  • Parabens: otherwise known as chemical preservatives, these harmful ingredients are found in majority of commercial soap and beauty products.

  • Phthalates: known to cause cancer, this additive is often used as a ‘plasticizer’- a fancy word for an ingredient used to produce plastic.

  • Petrochemicals: made from petroleum, these chemicals should be considered unsafe for humans because little is known about the longterm effects they have on our health.

  • Synthetic Perfume: artificial perfume scents, although they smell nice, are linked to allergies and hormonal issues. As well, synthetic ingredients such as perfume are likely to cause skin conditions and to aggravate existing issues such as acne.

  • Artificial Colouring: commercial soaps are packed with artificial dyes that have been known to cause health problems and illnesses in humans.