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6 Reasons to add Lavender Essential Oil to Your Daily Skincare Routine

Lavender Oil is used in most of the skincare products now a day that is because of so many helpful & healing properties of Lavender oil on the skin. The lavender herb is mainly grown in the northern Africa and Mediterranean mountains and harvested for the extraction of Lavender essential oil.

There are a few research done that shows the benefits of Lavender essential oil in a small group for various industries. It shows that Lavender Oil helps anxiety, acne, fungal infections, hair loss, and it has proved that lavender oil heals the wound quickly with minimal scar.

There are no evidence or there is not sufficient data to prove that Lavender essential oil treats depression, high blood pressure, menstrual pain, or eczema, among other conditions.

For those who are pondering over adding lavender oil to your daily skincare routine, give the following a good read to make your decision easy.

Anti Fungal Properties

Lavender essential oil is great in combating antifungal-resistant infections. It destroys the membranes of fungal cells on a wide spectrum.

Quickly Heals the Skin

There have been studies done on lab rats that show Lavender oil heals the membranes of the wounded skin faster than any other solutions like a saline solution or povidone-iodine.

Thus proves that Lavender Oil is accelerating the healing process of the skin.

In the olden days, Apocothery people used lavender oil to clean wounds, heal burns, and treat other skin injuries. Not only it helps the skin to heal faster, but also its antiseptic properties help in fighting and preventing further infection.