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Pamper Massage Candle = Scented Candle + Body Butter

Updated: May 22, 2022

Evolution is the secret to upgrade yourself.

Aromatherapy candles have also evolved to be more luxurious not only to enhance your sense of smell but also the sense of touch. Just a bit of tweak with our regular organic aromatherapy.

What is a Pamper Massage Candle?

It is a blend of organic waxes and body butter with additives like botanicals, essential oils, salts, or other embellishments. Hand poured in a glass jar container with a metal lid.

It is specially formulated to melt at lower temperatures than a normal scented candle.

How to use Pamper Massage Candles?

Step 1: Light the candle and leave it for 1 – 2 hours

Step 2: Go for a nice warm shower and let essential oils set the mood around.

Step 3: Once you think you have sufficient amount of liquid for your massage then extinguish the wick. Don’t pour the wax with the wick still on.

Step 4: Touch the melted liquid with your little finger to check if the temperature is fine for you and not too hot. Be careful although it will be warm but it is always better to do a small patch test on the back of your palm before pouring it all over your body.

Step 5: Once you find a perfect temperature then pour the liquid on your body and massage the warm it on to your skin.

Benefits of Pamper Massage Candles:

The warm wax butter will allow all the nutrients from the organic wax and body butters to seep into the skin layers quickly.

You will see a sheen on your skin and immediately the skin will become soft and smooth like a velvet chocolate.

It’s always better to have a shower before starting the massage as you don’t want any dirt to seep into your skin with the wax.

Now you have got one more way to add the zing on the special occasions like valentines, birthdays, or anniversary.

You can also do a couple’s aromatherapy at home with your partner to spice up the mood.


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