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Surprise Elements is an Indian company that prides itself on producing high-quality, natural, handmade bath & body products.

Surprise Elements' journey started as a quest to create natural & organic skincare products with an affordable price tag, keeping the environment in mind.

The vision for the company is to provide good quality, natural ingredient based products that are good for your body. Our products are plant-based and handmade with 100% natural ingredients sourced locally to keep our body & mother nature healthy.


Our vision


Our goal is to create natural, luxurious, hand-crafted products that you'll be happy to gift to loved ones or for your home or for yourself.

Thank you for browsing, believing in our company, and supporting our small business!


We absolutely wouldn't be here without you and we are so grateful for sharing your love with us.

our Surprise team

Surprise Team.jpg

We aim at rural women empowerment.

Meet the Minuscule Element

of this multiverse

Ashwini Gaikar.jpg

Heart & Soul of Surprise Elements, a curious bug, Ashwini Gaikar, who always dreamt of doing something on her own. She wanted to make a difference in society and share nature's gift with all.


Her love for the environment took her to reside in the wilderness, where she got zinged with her soap & candle making process again.


Her love for nature translates to the ethos of her brand, to support sustainable living with eco-friendly product packaging & eco-friendly shipping packaging.

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